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The Way of the Holy Family: Formation for the Sacrament of Baptism program forms holy families by using the Holy Family as a model. It offers catechesis about grace, the Sacrament of Baptism, the Rite of Baptism, and Christ’s three-fold mission as priest, prophet, and king. It is accompanied by a post-baptism Lectio Divina series focused on spiritual development that follows the Holy Family through Scripture.

A Family Kit refers to what is needed for each family throughout the Baptism process. The following materials are in the kit to be used as follows:

  • Give each family an Information Folder at their initial contact with the parish.
  • When the family meets with a parish leader to sign up for the Baptism class, give the family a Holy Family Consecration Card.
  • Give the parent/godparent the Participant Guide at the beginning of the Baptism class and a signed Certificate of Completion after the class.
  • The Information Folder contains: Baptism registration forms for parents and godparents, resources about how to choose a Christian name for the child, how to choose godparents, a guide to being good godparents, and a Holy Family Novena.
  • The Participant Guide is for parents and godparents to be used during the Baptism formation class and for the post-Baptism video series.

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