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St. Margaret Mary Alacoque recorded “Jesus Christ, my sweet Master, presented Himself to me, all resplendent with glory, His Five Wounds shining like so many suns. Flames issued from every part of His Sacred Humanity, especially from His Adorable Breast, which resembled an open furnace and disclosed to me His most loving and most amiable Heart, which was the living source of these flames. It was then that He made known to me the ineffable marvels of His pure love and showed me to what an excess He had loved men, from whom He received only ingratitude and contempt.”

In this rendition of the Sacred Heart the artist used imagery, color, and symbolism to point towards that ultimate reality of God. Christ’s Sacred Heart is enlarged. It glows and burns like the sun. On His Heart and hands are the marks of His crucifixion. The right hand is raised in a gesture of blessing. His red robes are a symbol of His passion and love.   They open on His chest representing His vulnerability. In His gaze, the artist tried to convey a peaceful intensity with lips just slightly parted. Our God is a living God. He is life itself.

This painting resides at the Sacred Heart Parish in Palestine Texas.

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